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Microsoft Has Apparently Fixed The Surface Random Muting Bug

Never a bad feeling reading about something like this, that is a given. It has been over three months since the random muting issue for Surface tablets was reported, but now seems Microsoft may just have quashed

March Updates Make Surface RT Fail To Wake Up From Sleep

Boy, Surface tablets can’t seem to catch a break. First generation devices usually suffer from issues like these, and this is, obviously Microsoft’s first major foray into the hardware realm. Still, the company’s premier tablet has had

Patch Tuesday Said To Fix Surface Pro Overheating Problem

Finally some positive development! Yesterday’s Patch Tuesday was said to bring about several improvements for Surface tablet owners, and while reports are trickling in all that is fixed (and all that is not) the overheating issues seem

Yet Another Malware Issue With Android

There has been multiple debates about whether Microsoft is too late to the tablet market, after all, Apple and, to a lesser extent, Android have already cemented their places in this marketplace, right? While this is certainly