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October 2018 Update Delay Is Affecting Hardware Vendors

The deafening silence from Microsoft regarding the October 2018 Update delay may be unprecedented, but effects of the delay are also far and wide reaching. Not only are consumers affected by it, but hardware manufacturers are also

October 2018 Update Pulled Due To Serious Issues

Head for the hills, folks! Microsoft has paused the rollout of the October 2018 Update, the latest version of the operating system, following widespread reports by files being deleted and data being lost. During installation. This makes

Every Surface Generation Is Getting Better, Claims Microsoft

Microsoft has a good thing going with the Surface, with each new product bringing to the table its own unique mix of style and performance that is well received by most buyers. Yes, there have been cases

Windows 10 Build 16294 Also Makes Its Way Out

Surprise! In a sign that we are fast nearing the eventful arrival of the RTM version of the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft released Windows 10 build 16294 to Insiders enrolled in the Fast ring of the program.

Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Creators Update Stuttering Issues

Took them a while, but Microsoft has official confirmed that the Windows 10 Creators Update introduced stuttering issues when playing video games. The company is now working on a fix, which is actually available in the latest

How To Troubleshoot Problems In Windows 10

Windows has always had largely solid wizards that help you troubleshoot problems related to hardware and software in the operating system. And Windows 10 adds an even more helpful touch. Distressed PC users can now find a

Windows Update KB3022345 Causing USB Device Not Recognized Errors

The dreaded USB Device Not Recognized error is one of the worst problems you can encounter on Windows, and Windows Update KB3022345 is causing this issue on several PCs. In fact, the whole Patch Tuesday this month

Another Botched Update? KB3002339 Fails To Install

At least for some users. Another buggy update seems to have slipped through without Microsoft noticing, as there are reports that KB3002339 is giving trouble. The final Update Tuesday fixes started flying off servers late last night.

Microsoft Talks Important Windows 8.1 RTM And IE 11 Issues

Redmond recently released the RTM bits of Windows 8.1 on its MSDN and TechNet channels, with the intention of allowing developers access to the near final version of its upcoming operating system, and with it the newest

Microsoft Launches Survey To Identify Surface Problems

The company finally seems to be doing (most) things right. While the giant of old may have rested on its laurels and taken its time to respond to issues like these, the Microsoft of today knows it