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Microsoft Layoffs Continue, Hundreds Let Go In New Round

Or what is actually termed as the final round. More depressing news, but we just had the latest round of Microsoft layoffs with the company releasing hundreds of employees across the globe. These are, of course, part

Current TechNet Subscribers Get A Free 90 Day Extension

Microsoft announced earlier in the summer that it would stop accepting new subscriptions for TechNet. And as scheduled, the technology titan stopped doing so on August 31. But despite calls from IT professionals to keep the program

Microsoft: Small Businesses Lose $24 Billion A Year To Non-IT Workers

Ah, another fine morning and another fine Microsoft-commissioned research. Redmond contracted AMI-Partners to run a study of 538 IITMs working in small businesses in various countries. IITMs, is what the company calls ‘involuntary IT managers’. Smart. The