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Italian Carrier Says Goodbye To Windows Phone

What better way to start a new week than by getting the bad news out of the way first! Well, the big story here is that a major Italian carrier has made the decision to leave the

Week In Review (Jan 26 – Jan 30)

Week In Review returns with a vengeance! While Windows 10 was still the primary focus all month around, Microsoft made movements in other several other areas — from announcing Office 16 release date to its quarterly earnings.

Get A Lumia 435 Free With Every Lumia 535 In Italy

In Italy, and thinking about an affordable gift? Microsoft got you covered with a Valentine’s Day offer with a special promotion of a free Lumia 435 when you purchase the Lumia 535. Limited time deal, of course

Leak Shows HP Is Readying The Premium Spectre 13 x360

HP has made some big strides these past few months launching several budget devices, but the high-end Spectre 13 x360 seems like a good choice for those with more expensive tastes. This new Windows 8.1 convertible looks

Cortana Launched In France, Italy, Germany And Spain

The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain make up five of the biggest markets in Europe. Cortana was already available in the first, and now users in the other remaining four get a taste. A taste

Nokia Lumia 735 Ad Promises Perfect Selfies Every Time

It did not take Microsoft long to hop onto the selfie bandwagon. The recently released Nokia Lumia 735 comes with some amazing photography capabilities, as this new ad shows. This commercial is currently airing in Italy —

Microsoft Reveals Surface Pro Launch Date And Pricing In Italy

With the football season just over in Italy, technology enthusiasts in the country can finally concentrate on more pressing matters. Pressing matters like the impending Surface Pro launch in the local market. Italy is one of the