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Microsoft Has Quietly Blocked Windows RT 8.1 Jailbreak

Well, it had to happen one day or another! Redmond waited months and months, but with the recent release of Windows RT 8.1, the company has finally decided to block the jailbreaking method on the ARM based

Version 1.13a Of Windows RT Jailbreak Tool Released

While the industry is still wondering when (or if) Microsoft will be patch the jailbreak exploit on Windows RT, the tool itself has seen a new version released just now. The jailbreak allows users to run unsigned

Microsoft Still Undecided About Windows RT Jailbreak

One of my favorite ancient Chinese proverbs is: May you live in interesting times. Well, times couldn’t get any more interesting for Microsoft’s first ever table, the Surface RT. The Redmond giant released the tablet to great

Microsoft Still Unsure How To Tackle The Windows RT Jailbreak

Surface RT has had a bit of a sweltering time in its first few months out in the wild. An uninspiring start was further complicated with a plateful selection of bugs and errors, not all of which