January 2013 Archive

Microsoft to Roll Out the Surface Pro in January 2013

In a long-expected move, Microsoft has announced it will roll out its Surface Tablet running Windows 8 Pro for x86 machines in January 2013. The new tablet will have a list price under the sensitive $1,000 mark,

Panasonic will release a new Windows 8 Tablet in January 2013

Panasonic have announced their plans for developing a Windows 8 tablet that will run on Intel’s chip-set. At last week’s TabTimes Tablet Strategy conference, Jim Dempsey, Panasonic’s Business Enterprise Development Manager was quoted as saying “Windows 8 will need more

Windows 8 is NOT coming out in January 2013

I love the blogosphere but I swear…sometimes… OK, let’s cut the crap. A bunch of sites have been quoting russian sites and “experts” about Windows 8 coming out in January 2013. Not going to happen. Anyone who