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Microsoft Sues Windows Phone Partner For Patent Infringement

Kyocera are known for their document solutions, and they are about to receive a document from Microsoft. Redmond has filed a lawsuit against the company…

Dell EveryPad Pro Tablet

Japan Gets A Special Rebranded Dell EveryPad Pro Tablet

Dell has just launched a new Windows 8.1 tablet that comes with LTE capabilities built in. Interestingly, the Dell EveryPad Pro is actually a rebrand…


Microsoft Aims To Conquer 50% Of The Tablet Market

In Japan, that is. This is one country that has really taken to Windows powered tablets in recent months. Large hardware vendors like ASUS and…


Market Share Of Windows Tablets Climbs To 15.7% In Japan

There is a term called Big in Japan. One of the most technology advanced countries on the planet, at least when it comes to computing…


Hardware Makers In Japan, Korea Show Heightened Interest In Windows

Windows 8.1 is going places. Well, Microsoft’s modern operating platform has had a decent enough run overall, but there are many markets where it can…


Microsoft Officially Launches Windows Azure In Japan

Redmond’s cloud train has reached Japan, with the company officially launching the Windows Azure cloud services in the country that has recorded impressive growth in…


Microsoft Has Secured Another Huge Windows 8 Deal

When it comes to striking deals, few technology companies can rival Microsoft. Redmond regularly signs huge deals with governments, enterprises and organizations the world over,…


Microsoft To Launch 256GB Surface Pro Tablet In Japan, Includes Office 2013

Microsoft has just announced that the Surface Pro will go on sale in Japan on June 7, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the localized version of the…


Steve Ballmer Outlines Microsoft’s Future Strategy For China And Japan

China and Japan, both are two of the most important markets for computing technology, and as a company that is at the forefront, Microsoft seems…


Japanese Authorities Find An Ingenious Way To Keep Using Windows XP Safely

Operating systems are just as interesting near retirement as they are before release. Take the classic Windows XP, for example. Microsoft has it dated for…