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Windows Video – Designing Metro style apps with CSS3

Another video from Microsoft. Metro style app development is probably going to be very big in 2012 and massive in 2013. There’s a lot to learn and it can be really intimidating at first. This video will

Windows Video – using Javascript to build Metro style apps in Windows 8

A new video from Microsoft about using JavaScript to build Metro style applications. In this session, you’ll learn how to organize your code using the same coding standards Microsoft used to build Windows library for JavaScript, how to make

Is Silverlight dead in Windows 8?

There has been a lot of silence from Microsoft regarding the fate of Silverlight. They haven’t said that it will die and they haven’t said that it will live. My personal belief is that they want Silverlight to die

XAML, Silverlight and .NET – with Windows 8 clarity comes questions

Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of the Windows experience said “This application [Windows 8] was written in our new development platform, based on HTML5 and JavaScript. … People can write new applications … using the things they