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Joachim Kempin: Ballmer Is A Great COO

No, this is not a typo. What will we do without Kempin and his timely tough talk? The man who left Microsoft back in 2002 is back again and for more and this time took another jab

Joachim Kempin Unveils His Big Plan To Save Microsoft

Most of you are already well acquainted with Joachim Kempin by now, the former Microsoftie who left the company back in 2002. The man has been all over the news these past few weeks promoting his new

Ballmer Used To Bring A Baseball Bat In Company Meetings

Oh, boy this is rich! Hoho, baseball bats? Company meetings? You’ve got to be kidding me! Almost everyone on planet Earth knows that CEO Steve Ballmer is a highly dynamic personality. The guy gets excited fast, and

Microsoft Needs An Outside CEO, Says Joachim Kempin

Joachim Kempin, the former senior VP of Microsoft is quite a chatterbox, it seems. The guy has been on a bit of a press tour these past week or so, following the release of his exciting new

Microsoft Plans To Kill The PC Industry, Says Former Employee

Joachim Kempin has really been in the news lately, which is not all that surprising considering the guy just launched his new book (titled Resolve and Fortitude) where the Redmond veteran spilled the beans on Microsoft’s history.