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Microsoft Layoffs Continue, Hundreds Let Go In New Round

Or what is actually termed as the final round. More depressing news, but we just had the latest round of Microsoft layoffs with the company releasing hundreds of employees across the globe. These are, of course, part

Microsoft To Shut Down Two Plants In China, 9,000 Affected

The Chinese Odyssey continues for Microsoft. Since the Nokia acquisition, the technology titan has been gradually cutting jobs and releasing its surplus workforce. No surprises here, considering they got nearly 25,000 employees from the Nokia deal. Microsoft

Microsoft Lays Off 3,000 Employees In Third Round Of Job Cuts

Some 3,000 more Microsoft employees have left the building today. Or rather, buildings. The company conducted its third round of job cuts as part of its reorganization process. This has been confirmed by regular Microsoft watcher, Mary

Microsoft Terminates 2,100 Jobs Today In Second Round Of Layoffs

Well, we have official confirmation, people. Microsoft has cut a total of 2,100 jobs today, as part of the previously announced layoff. Inevitable redundancies, as they call are called. Out of these, 747 were in the state

Second Round Of Microsoft Layoffs Set For This Week

Redmond is on track to announce its second round of job cuts this week, on September 18 to be precise. These Microsoft layoffs are part of the gigantic cut of 18,000 that were made official this summer.

Microsoft Is Offering Free Lumia 630 To Workers In China Who Resign

Pretty absurd move, if true. Microsoft is indulged in a few battles with the Chinese government, and things have escalated quickly in the past few months with local authorities. If the banning of Windows 8 and multiple

Employees Still Happy With Satya Nadella, Despite Job Cuts

Well, a privileged position to be in, right? Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella shocked the world when he announced a few weeks back that a total of 18,000 people would be sent home. These are, easily, the biggest

Nokia Employees In China Protest Against Microsoft

Layoffs. Wonder what year is this in the Chinese calendar, because whatever the animal, Microsoft sure has had it tough in the country these past few months. And now you can add another issue. Windows 8 is

Nadella Is Cleaning Up Ballmer’s Mess, Says Analyst

It was about time someone shot it straight. While Steve Ballmer’s reign had its fair share of ups, the way the former Microsoft CEO conducted business during his final few years, left a lot to be desired.

Analyst Foresees More Job Cuts At Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella surprised the world with a massive 18,000 job cut earlier this month, but it appears that this was just the start. The company might announce more layoffs soon. That is, if we go