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Microsoft Cooking A Snapdragon 845 Device?

Do you smell it? A job listing has revealed that Microsoft is working on a Snapdragon 845 device, which as you may be aware is the, as of yet, unannounced processor from Qualcomm. Redmond has worked closely

Windows As A Service Floats Up Again, This Time By Microsoft

We have not heard much about Windows as a Service, or Windows Cloud as some colloquially labeled it, although some still believe that Microsoft is silently working on this innovative operating system. The idea is as plausible

Microsoft mention Windows 9 in a job ad for a Bing Software Development Engineer

Yet another spotting of Windows 9 and this time in an ad designed, created and executed by Microsoft. This one is interesting. Here’s what it says: We utilize cutting edge technologies across the stack from Bing metro

Windows Blue Confirmed Via Job Listing, Microsoft Quickly Removes It

If there is one thing Microsoft has sworn the oath of secrecy for is Windows Blue. Not much was known about the next major refresh of the Windows operating system apart from it summer release. Until now.