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Nokia Camera Technology Set To Arrive On Android, More Platforms

Nokia, or rather, what’s left of the once telecom king from Finland, is of immense interest to the rest of the technology world. Microsoft may now be the rightful owner of the devices and services business, but

Microsoft Careers Website Teases Cortana For Windows

Cortana, the celebrated new digital assistant from Microsoft, has already launched on Windows Phone 8.1. With the official rollout of the mobile OS beginning next month, the company is busy refining the service. But at the same

New Microsoft Job Posting Confirms Work Is Underway On Windows 9

Or in other words, this is as close as you will get right now, short of an official confirmation from Redmond. But as recent rumors have suggested, work on Windows 9 is already underway. The next major

Microsoft Ready To Start Work On The Next Version Of Windows Phone

Job postings rarely cease to attract interests, particularly if it is from a software giant known as Microsoft. The Redmond company seems ready to begin work on the next version of its mobile operating system as it