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How To Become Better With tech In 10 Minutes

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How To Win Clients And Influence Markets with tablet

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Revolutionize Your tablet With These Easy-peasy Tips

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Microsoft Has More Than 2,000 Job Openings

Talk about a bright future ahead! While some in the industry circle are of the view that Microsoft is running, not walking, towards its doom, the company itself has other plans. You know, plans like hiring a

Intel Hiring Windows Phone Engineers

It is a hastily written job posting on LinkedIn, but it seems that world largest CPU maker is all set to try its luck with Microsoft’s smartphone operating system. And this is just weeks after a senior

A Respectable Number of Windows 8 Jobs Out There

Advertised jobs can give us valuable insights into the adoption of operating systems, such as Windows 8. So today, I took a look at advertised jobs on Dice, “The Career Hub for Tech” to see how Windows

AMD Job Cuts Official, 15 Percent to be Laid Off

Recently we reported on potential job cuts at AMD. At the time it was believed that as many as 30 percent of its staff might get the boot. Now it is official, though it is actually just

AMD cutting jobs, up to 30 percent of employees globally?

As an AMD fan, I truly had hopes that Windows 8 might be the golden opportunity for the company to provide a hand at creating cheap yet capable tablets that could compete against the army of Intel

Microsoft finally mention Windows Phone 8

Right now, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS is waiting for the next major upgrade – the anticipated “Mango” release. It’s believed that Windows Phone 8, aka “Apollo” is the next version after that, rumored to be coming

Skype video calling coming to Windows Phone

A job posting by Skype seems to indicate that Skype Video calling will be coming to Windows Phone. In the job posting Skype is looking for a developer to optimise their Video Engine solution for Windows and