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Windows Phone No Longer A Priority, Joe Belfiore Confirms

Well, if you must hear it from someone, then there’s no one better than Joe Belfiore. The former steward of the Windows Phone platform has finally broken silence. And he chosen a ding dang time to do

This Is Why Joe Belfiore Has Been Using An Android Phone

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft is no stranger to controversies. It’s part and parcel of his job, as one of the leaders of the Windows Phone platform at Redmond. Or you can say, the mobile effort. Sure, things

Microsoft Explains What Went Wrong With Windows 8

Joe Belfiore of Microsoft is a candidly frank individual, and he recently talked about Windows 8 and how it was not quite the operating system everyone expected it to be. It has been two years since Windows

Microsoft Band International Launch To Take A While

Microsoft really need to work on this international thing. More so for Windows Phone users. The Microsoft Band wearable gadget just went live earlier this today. And while the device is a piece of work, the release

New Update For Windows Phone Developer Preview Now Available

Good old Joe Belfiore of Microsoft promised a new update for Windows Phone developer preview yesterday, saying that this new version would start rolling out sometimes this week. It appears that time is today, and the update

Microsoft To Create New PCs, Tablets, And Smartphones For China

The company may be going through a legal tangle in the country, but Microsoft still wants to focus on the hardware market in China, and launch new PCs, tablets and smartphones. Joe Belfiore, the head of Windows

Windows Phone 8.1 Versions Of Skype And Facebook App Coming Soon

After having nailed the hardware, design and pricing of smartphones, the app ecosystem is the only major thing Microsoft has to sort out for the Windows Phone platform. No surprises then, that the company regularly provides updates

Windows Phone 8.1 Lock Screen App Is In Testing, Launch Soon

Users of the newest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system have been waiting for the lock screen theming application, and we now have confirmation that it will be available very soon. Not for everyone, though, it appears.

Microsoft Officially Announces Spring Update For Windows 8.1

Boy, Microsoft sure selected a hell of a time to officially announce Windows 8.1 Update 1. The company made an appearance at the Mobile World Congress, confirming that it is working on the upgrade. An upgrade that

Windows Phone Still Lacks Some Key Apps, Says Joe Belfiore

Joe Belfiore is a terribly likeable fellow, and judging by his comments below, also a terribly honest one. The head of Microsoft’s Windows Phone division said in an interview today that the mobile operating system still lacks