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Cortana Launch On Android, iOS Pretty Much Confirmed

It has been in the news for a while now, but Julie Larson-Green has finally confirmed it. Cortana is set for a launch on other platforms, including Android and iOS in the near future. In fact, Microsoft

Windows RT Is Here To Stay, Says Former Windows Boss

Microsoft’s under fire platform, Windows RT, may have been criticized by hardware vendors around the globe, with many completely outright abandoning it, but the company still stands behind it. In fact, while OEMs are creating devices powered

Here Is The Memo Julie Larson-Green Sent Out This Morning

Julie Larson-Green, at one point in the not so distant past, was considered one of the biggest internal talents at the company, and one that worked closely with former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky on development of Windows

Stephen Elop To Head The Devices And Gaming Business At Microsoft

What, time for big changes, already? The recent face of Nokia, Stephen Elop, had been one of the frontrunners in the race for Microsoft CEO, right up until Satya Nadella was chosen earlier this month. But according

Surface Brings The Best Of Microsoft In One Device, Says Julie Larson-Green

Microsoft launched its second generation lineup of Surface tablets a while back, and there is every possibility in the world that these new devices would sell more than the original first version. The Surface 2 and the

Julie Larson-Green Confirms That There Will Soon Be Only Two Versions Of Windows

Not that there were any doubts about it, what with the recent reports and official hints floating around, but this little bit of information comes straight from the executive vice president of the Devices and Studios unit

Julie Larson-Green Rumored To Take Charge Of Microsoft’s Hardware Unit

Word is that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is all set to announce a major new restructuring plan for the Redmond based technology titan. All signs point to an official announcement in the next couple of days. And

Windows 8.1 Is Proof Of How Responsive We Can Be For Customers, Says Microsoft

Microsoft has finally launched Windows 8.1 Preview, with the upgrade gradually being rolled out for users around the world. ISO files of the new operating system are also available for download. And as promised by the software

Windows Blue – Interview with julie Larson Green

Interesting video from the WIRED Business Conference 2013. Microsoft’s Julie Larson-Green spoke about the Windows 8 and delved pretty extensively into Windows Blue. She called Windows Blue, Microsoft’s “continuous improvement” to Windows 8 and confirmed that the

Julie Larson-Green Talks Windows Blue, Microsoft’s Vision Of Modern Computing

The Redmond-based software titan has been enjoying some amusing time in the media these past few weeks, with several senior executives sharing their thoughts and views in events and interviews. Windows boss Julie Larson-Green recently took the