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Surface Studio 2 Specs Show Weak Sauce

Come on, Microsoft, I mean, come on! It appears that Surface Studio 2 could soon be a reality, considering the original model is turning two years old this year. However, if you were a fan holding out

Lenovo V730 Business Laptop Leaks

No ThinkPad this time around? Looks like Lenovo is preparing a new kind of a laptop, one that does not fall under the company’s Think brand. The V730 is the name of this new creation that has

Intel Launches 8th Generation Core CPUs

Well, the big day is here. After months of speculation and weeks of leaks, here we are with Intel officially launching its 8th generation Core processors, designed with Windows 10 in mind. Yes, don’t expect focus on

HP Thinks It Has Reinvented Retail

But has it? Apparently, a Windows 10 device with Kaby Lake processor was what was needed to bring along this reinvention that the new ElitePOS, a new point-of-sale system, has introduced. Which you got to admit, looks