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Windows Phone Market Share Hits Rock Bottom

The fine folks over at Kantar, a market research firm, have revealed their latest monthly mobile figures. And the Windows Phone market share numbers paint a sorry picture. Unsurprisingly. Android and iOS are currently dominating the market,

Windows Phone Sales Drop To 0 In Several Markets

Zero. While we have known for some time that Windows Phone is headed for extinction, it is only now that we are approaching the moment when the sales of the mobile OS come to a standstill. The

Windows Phone Keeps On Sinking

That sinking feeling! It’s quite remarkable seeing Windows Phone sales continue around the world, even as it is known that mobile is no longer that much of a priority for Microsoft. Sure, the company continues to launch

Windows Phone Market Share Falls To 0% In Japan

Say, what’s new? Surely not the decline that the Windows Phone platform is going through these days. The latest numbers from Kantar for the month are in, and they paint the same old story. This is specific

Windows Phone European Market Share Crosses The 10% Mark

No looking back now? Fingers crossed. Windows Phone European market share simply keeps on growing, and the latest data from Kantar shows that the platform has become a much more popular choice in the Old Continent. Slowly

Windows Phone Growth Slows Down Due To iPhone 6 Launch

Windows Phone growth has been a topic of interest to many in the mobile world, and the platform has been negatively affected at just the exact time when it could do without this slowdown. Factors like the

Windows Phone Gains Ground, Still Slow In China And The US

The newest numbers from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech are here, for the month of September, and they show that Windows Phone has increased its market share in the mobile sphere. It is still, obviously, a few leagues away

Windows Phone Market Share In Europe Still A Mixed Bag

The lost year? Microsoft’s mobile platform is back where it began. Kantar Worldpanel have revealed that Windows Phone market share in Europe is still, shall we say, motley. Fans of the platform did not have much in

Windows Phone Once Again Starts Growing In Europe

Windows Phone, as a platform, has not been doing all that well since the start of the year. The app momentum has slowed down a tad, sales have dipped, and no new models were released. All because

Windows Phone Slows Down In Europe, China And The US

In some other reality, Kantar might have been the name of a fantasy creature. But luckily, Kantar Worldpanel is then name of a company that brings us the latest statistics from around the globe. The research firm