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Best Antivirus For Windows 10 Home Users Revealed

Here’s your daily dose of irony! German institute AV-TEST has revealed its latest antivirus test involving a total of 18 security suites, revealing the best Windows antivirus in the process. The endurance test was conducted for six

Kaspersky And Microsoft Are Friends Again

But are they best friends forever? Back in June Kaspersky took some extreme measures when it filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft for what the security provider claimed were anticompetitive practices from the software titan. Basically, it

Who Needs Windows Defender When You Have This Free Antivirus

That is, if you’re a consumer. Windows Defender has improved by leaps and bounds these last couple of years, particularly on Windows 10. So much so that it can be deemed enough for some people. People who

Windows XP Vulnerabilities On The Up, Warns Kaspersky

Security companies have been firing off warnings about Windows XP vulnerabilities for years now, and with the vintage OS now unsupported, it has become even easier to hack. The platform has not been receiving updates since its

Kaspersky Labs No Longer Consider Any Current Microsoft Products as a Major Security Problem

With the recent claim from Vupen that they had found a “day one security flaw” with Windows 8, you might be wondering just how secure Windows 8 and other Microsoft products are. According to Kaspersky Labs— pretty