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Kernel Flaw Reported By Google Researcher Will Finally Be Fixed

This month’s Patch Tuesday update, set to go live in mere hours, looks like it come with a fix for the Windows kernel vulnerability that was reported by a Google researcher by the name of Tavis Ormandy.

Windows Blue Rumored To Hit RTM In June, Brings Improved Faster Kernel

Windows Blue rumors continue to surface, and the latest is that the new update is expected to reach the RTM development stage in June, which puts it in line with the assumed August release date. New information

Windows Phone 8 unified Kernel? – Not so fast

Last week there was a flurry of activity on blogs saying that the Windows Phone 8 platform would probably share a common kernel with the Windows 8 Client. It was exciting because the potential benefits were huge

Will Windows Phone Eventually See The CE Kernel Phased Out?

Windows ME is not exactly remembered as the greatest version of Windows ever made. When this version comes to mind those who use it likely remember countless bugs, errors, and a dying DOS-based kernel that was just

XBOX code discovered in Windows 8 kernel

Another great catch by Windows8Italia. They found a couple of XBOX related strings of code deep in the Windows 8 kernel. XBOX_360_SYSTEM_CRASH XBOX_360_SYSTEM_CRASH_RESERVED These strings seem to be related to system error codes and are not present