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WPC 2014 Kicks Off, Microsoft Talks The Future Of Windows

Microsoft kicked off the 2014 edition of the Worldwide Partner Conference a little while back, and COO Kevin Turner talked about the future path for the company, as well as the Windows platform. In fact, defining the

Kevin Turner’s Chances Of Becoming Microsoft CEO Have Reportedly Gone Up

For many, the current Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft was not very likely to take things over from Steve Ballmer and become the next CEO of the company. Surely not with names like Alan Mulally and Stephen

Kevin Turner, Microsoft COO, Also Said To Be In The Running For CEO Seat

Well, I guess we know who the fifth musketeer is! The familiar old Kevin Turner, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, is reportedly a part of the company’s final shortlist of candidates. Reuters provided the latest update on the

Microsoft Reveals Company Structure, Enterprises Make Up 55% Of Business

Do you remember when was the last time Microsoft provided such deep details of its company structure? Wait don’t answer that, because the company recently talked about this in depth at its financial analyst meet. As part

Windows XP Is Losing Users Fast, Microsoft Confirms

It’s hard to be Microsoft. At one end the company is trying to pitch its modern operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 to users, while at the same time it is trying to move them

Microsoft Highlights Windows 8.1 Enterprise Features At Analyst Meeting

Only weeks remain before Windows 8.1 is officially launched, and Microsoft is talking big about its upcoming operating system at every opportunity it gets. The company has put a fair bit of effort on its upcoming OS

So What If Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Just Quit One Day? Succession Planning At Microsoft

So all the Steve Ballmer bashing got me thinking the other day, if he just up and left, who would be the natural replacement for him? When you get past all the hateful rhetoric and some of

Microsoft – Windows 8 is the new era for the PC plus

Well you can’t say Microsoft don’t believe in what they’re doing. At the Worldwide Partner Conference earlier today, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, Kevin Turner told a crowd of the faithful the following: “Apple makes great hardware, the reality