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Windows 8.1 Comes With More Than 600 Keyboard Shortcuts

There are some that believe that in going full touch on its operating systems, Microsoft might have put the desktop on the backburner. While it may seem like so on first look, the reality is quite different.

Video Shows Windows Phone 8.1 Swype Keyboard Abilities, Watch Here

Tired of all the Windows Phone 8.1 updates? What, already? The fun is just starting! Microsoft opened up the SDK of the upcoming mobile operating system to developers recently, and details have been coming out at a

Windows Phone 8.1 To Feature Large Live Tiles, Swype Keyboard

Fans of the Windows Phone mobile operating system can finally rejoice. Microsoft seems to be readying a whole bunch of different features, some small, and others large — literally, that is. We already got our first detailed

Windows 8.1 Preview Automatically Switches Keyboard Layout To US

It is remarkable to think that keyboards related issues have made a rather large part of the Windows 8.1 Preview bug reports. Then again, considering the myriad of hardware vendors and tons of languages the OS supports,

Latest Firmware Update Brings New Keyboard Shortcuts To Surface Tablets

The latest firmware update that Microsoft just rolled out for its Surface tablets on Patch Tuesday is one that should not be missed. In addition to several performance enhancements, it also introduced support for keyboard shortcuts. These

The Secret Sauce Recipe Of Windows Phone 8 Keyboard Detailed

Windows Phone 8 arrived with a range of enhancements in all areas, large and small. One of the bigger changes in the new OS is what Microsoft calls ‘Word Flow’, a range of enhancements on Windows Phone

Hey! What about the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 8?

Oops! I forgot to tell you about the On-Screen Keyboard. This is another keyboard available through Windows 8. You can access it by typing “On-Screen keyboard” on your Start screen. To add its icon to both the Start

Handwriting Recognition Keyboard in Windows 8

Continuing my investigation into the Touch Keyboard,  I checked out the Handwriting keyboard. This seems to be a misnomer for it as there are no keys at all! Using my Surface tablet I tried writing with the mouse

The Windows 8 Touch Keyboard

In this blog I’ll cover what I’ve learnt about the Windows 8 Touch keyboard. There are several different types of touch keyboards available with Windows 8 providing you have a touch screen. The Touch Screen is available

Microsoft Surface Touch Covers having Splitting Issue?

We’ve already heard about audio issues with the Surface RT. Microsoft said these might have to due with the Touch accessory and are giving out replacements as needed. Unfortunately that’s not the only issue that seems to