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Bill Gates Talks About Free Software, Smartwatch At Research Faculty Summit

The founder and chairman of Microsoft, Bill Gates recently gave a very interesting keynote speech at the Microsoft Research Faculty Summit 2013, talking about all…


Microsoft BUILD 2013 conference keynote video is now available

The Microsoft BUILD 2013 conference keynote video is now available. It’s available and you can watch it here with Julie Larson Green, Steve Ballmer and all…


Watch the BUILD conference keynote live here

  You can watch the BUILD 2013 keynote here  


How Microsoft Managed To Keep Surface Tablet the Best Kept Secret Ever!

Microsoft, this time following Apple, managed to keep their tablet plans secret. It wasn’t until the last week that the rumors started to spread all over the web…


Microsoft Surface Tablet – The Keynote Video

Yesterday, Microsoft announced it’s new tablet known as Microsoft Surface. If you want to see the full keynote of Microsoft’s Surface launch  keynote, you can watch…


My recap of Steve Ballmer’s 2012 CES Keynote speech

Steve Ballmer gave his final keynote speech at 6:30 pm today in las vegas during the CES 2012 conference. He spoke about Windows 8, Windows Phone,…


Inside CES 2012 – Steve Ballmer Keynote Video

Here is the keynote speech video from CES 2012. Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft.


Keynote Speech from Day 2 of the BUILD conference

So from day 2, here is the keynote speech from the Microsoft BUILD conference. The speakers are Scott Guthrie , Jeff Sandquist , John Shewchuk ,…


My analysis of Steve Ballmer’s keynote at the WPC 2011 conference

So i just watched the 2011 WPC keynote speech by Steve Ballmer and have the following analysis: Ballmer started out a little manic but calmed…


Ballmer to drill down on Windows 8 for CES 2012 keynote

According to sources at Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer’s 2012 CES keynote is set focus on Windows 8. As Ballmer plans to alight to the CES stage…