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30 Days with Surface Pro: Day 18

Remember books? I used to actually read them. Now, the only books I own that are printed on actual paper are really just decorations for my office. They make me look smarter. As for the books I

Amazon Kindle App Arrives On Windows Phone 8

Retail giant Amazon has just updated its Kindle App, and version brings with it Windows Phone 8 compatibility. This new flavor offers all the features of the application to users of Microsoft’s mobile platform. The app

Amazon releases Windows 8 Metro Kindle reader

Amazon has released its latest version of the Kindle Reader and Bookstore today on the Windows 8 platform. This is a fully featured application that allows you to buy and read books within the singular program. Once

Kindle’s Sucess: Can Microsoft Learn From It?

The Kindle Fire has just begun shipping and yet already seems like a run-away hit that finally gives Apple some real competition. I will admit that the Fire and the iPad cater to somewhat different crowds, but

Amazon increase Kindle Fire production to 5 million units for 2011

The Kindle Fire is going to kick ass this Christmas! There is no question about it. Digitimes is reporting that Amazon has recently increased its Kindle Fire orders to 5 million units for delivery before the end

Amazon Kindle Fire – um wow!

Amazon today released the new Tablet standard in that price range – The Amazon Kindle Fire. Wow. Anyone who reads this blog MUST KNOW that I have been harping on for a while – LITERALLY harping on

Amazon set to release "Kindle Fire" tablet tomorrow

If you’re Microsoft, this news falls squarely into the “wow, even they have one now?” category. Amazon is set to announce its new Kindle tablet device at a press conference tomorrow. The tablet, which is reportedly going

Amazon Kindle Tablet – competitor to Android, Ipad and Windows 8?

Rumors of Amazon making a full-fledged tablet device have persisted for a while but MG Siegler from is saying that has actually seen it. It’s called the “Amazon Kindle” and he thinks it’s going to be

Amazon releases Textbook Rentals for Kindle

So you can call me Nostradamus. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this post talking about how Microsoft needed to pay attention to students with the new version of Windows 8 tablet edition. Well, another leader