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Kinect 2 For Windows Release Date Set For July 15

The Kinect odyssey has perhaps reached its final destination. Microsoft have announced the Kinect 2 for Windows release date of July 15, with the device now up for preorder. The big question is whether we will see

Microsoft Shows Off Kinect For Windows V2 Hardware

The second generation of Kinect for Windows is getting closer and closer to launch, according to Microsoft, and now the company has finally unveiled the hardware. No big surprises here — the design is very similar to

What are the personal security implications of having a Kinect 2 in your home?

I so wish it wasn’t true but it is. We are at the point where we have to consider issues like entertainment and national security. Who would have ever guessed? My question today boys and girls is

Microsoft: Second Generation Kinect Sensor For Windows On Track For 2014

The next-generation Kinect is set to play a vital role for Redmond’s next-generation console, the Xbox One, once it is released later this year. But Kinect 2 also holds central significance for the Windows platform. Microsoft has

Is the Leap 3D motion control system going to make the Kinect obsolete?

A new an amazing device just popped up on our radar. It’s called the Leap 3D motion control system. It’s marketed as being 100 times more accurate than a Kinect and is being sold at almost a third

Microsoft is selling the 4GB Xbox 360 console with a Kinect for $99 and a contract

Microsoft is selling the 4GB Xbox 360 console with a Kinect for $99 with a two-year Xbox Live Gold contract for $14.99 per month. This special deal will cost approx. $458.76 over the course of two years (before

Prototype Grocery Cart Utilizes Kinect And Windows Technology

When Microsoft first debuted Kinect, not that long ago, we really had no clue how far there ambitions stretched in regards to the hands-free technology. It was about gaming in a new and unique way, what else

Kinect + 3 game bundle is now available on Amazon

This is pretty cool. Amazon is now selling the Kinect with  three Kinect-friendly games for $99.99 ($50 off). The bundle includes: Kinect Adventures The Gunstringer Fruit Ninja Kinect. In the United States, this bundle ships for free so

Kinect For Windows Commercial Program Launches Today

Today is officially the start of the “Kinect for Windows” commercial program, allowing companies worldwide to get their hands on the Kinect. From there hopefully they can develop innovative applications that can provide improvement to internal operations

Microsoft pushing ahead with Kinect hardware integration for Windows 8

Microsoft are continuing to push the Kinect into new hardware platforms. The push seems to correspond with the upcoming release of Windows 8. You may remember that a year ago, we published a rumor that seemed to