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Microsoft will enhance Kinect experience with hand recognition

Microsoft is close to enhancing the Kinect with hand gesture recognition. The Kinect’s hand detection will soon allow app developers to implement features such as pinch-to-zoom in apps thanks to a new handgrip detecting capabilities. An updated

Kinect In Space?

We all know what the Kinect is by now right? Its a peripheral built by Microsoft for use as a weight measurement system onboard the International Space Station. What? It’s actually just a simple gaming camera attachment

Poll – Should Microsoft spin off their Windows Gaming division?

There’s a fantastic article on by Dana Blankenhorn. He makes the point that Microsoft stock “will always be weighed-down by the volume, and outlook, of Microsoft Windows. The business is too big for it to be

Microsoft Research OmniTouch looks really promising

I saw this and had to share this with you guys. This may be the future and it is absolutely insane! Microsoft Research is showing new technology that turns any surface into a touch screen. Dubbed OmniTouch,

Avatar Kinect is on it’s way

What is the Avatar Kinect? Well, simply put it’s the ability to conduct virtual meetings among avatars using the Kinect. Instead of using a Webcam image of yourself, you use an avatar to interact with others in

The Kinect is Microsoft’s not so secret weapon

My cousin Efosa told me a while ago “Watch out for the Kinect, it’s really amazing”. Well as usual, he was right. This tool is turning out to be one of the most creative and strategic tools

Windows 8 able to play Xbox games?

This one is a nasty rumor that will not go away just like an infection. A number of sites are reporting that Windows 8 will let users play Xbox 360 discs on their PCs. According to the

My Top 5 ways to use the next version of the Kinect on Windows 8

So the Kinect is one of the coolest things that has come from Microsoft in quite a while. The camera that connects to the XBOX 360 allows you to control certain types of software and games etc

Facebook and Skype team up to offer new Facebook Calling

The war for desktop video has begun and Microsoft/Facebook have struck the first blow. Facebook this Wednesday said it’s bringing Skype video calling to the social networking site, and making improvements to its “Group Chat” program. Facebook

Microsoft shows Windows Phone and Kinect integration

Microsoft showed off the interactivity and integration between Windows Phone and Kinect. Some highlights: Windows Phones will be able receive reminders from Xbox for Live TV scheduling. Microsoft’s Bing listings will also be shared to Windows Phone. Xbox users