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Kupa Unleashes Surface Pro Rival, The X15

The Surface Pro hoopla is almost about to begin, and even though Microsoft is still pretty tight-lipped about its premier tablet, that is not stopping other manufacturers from jumping in to the party. One such vendor is

Kupa UltraNote arrives in November

At the very beginning of the year I took a look at the Kupa Lux X11, a Windows 7 tablet that managed to be one of the first “Windows 8 ready” devices on the market. My early

Windows – Tablet Review: Kupa Lux X11

Not long ago, I wrote an article about how the Kupa Lux X11 debuted as CES as the first “Windows 8 Ready” tablet. This is a fancy term meaning its just a Windows 7 tablet that is

Kupa X11: The First "Windows 8 Ready" Tablet

  Ever since the announcement of Windows 8 the production of Windows 7-based tablets has virtually halted to a complete stop, and with good reason. Windows 7 is a solid operating system but when it comes to