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Guest Post – I Personally don’t miss Steve Jobs

Disclaimer: This article is my opinion only and not the opinion of Windows8Update.com. If you want to yell at anyone, yell at me. I haven’t had a lot to right about in the past week or so.

I miss this man – Video

Just watching this man speak reminds me of what technology strategy and leadership should be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKdH9YGtLSY

Steve Ballmer sends a hopeful message to Microsoft employees

After the successful unveiling of the Microsoft Surface tablet on stage in Hollywood, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sent a memo to the company’s employees. In it, he expressed his enthusiasm for the product and offered his take

Told you so – Bill Gates has no plans to return to Microsoft

Vindication feels so good. I had predicted that despite all the rumors to the contrary, Bill Gates would have absolutely no interest in returning to Microsoft. Here was my take: I personally think that it’s a bunch

Now they are speculating that Bill Gates will come back…

Damn Steve Ballmer is having a fun week. First Thurrott speaks his mind about him and now Fortune is speculating that Bill Gates may come back. I personally think that it’s a bunch of crap. Bill is

Ballmer doubles down – wont step down

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer responded to calls for him to quit his position on Wednesday. At the Seattle Rotary Club, it didn’t take long for a Rotarian to toss a hardball question to the Microsoft CEO after

Eric Shmidt says publicly what people have been saying…publicly

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt snubbed Microsoft during an appearance this week at the D9 conference Rancho Palos Verdes, California. He referred to a so-called “gang of four,” high tech companies that were driving innovation and growing