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Leaked Screenshot Shows Windows 9 Build 9788

And nothing has changed much, folks. Sure this is a very early version of the operating system, but we now have bit of a substantiation that build 9788 has been compiled. This screenshot that leaked over the

Are These Leaked Images Our First Look At The Nokia Lumia 530?

Conflicting reports, but this much is sure that this is another budget Lumia smartphone. A couple of images have leaked from China that show Microsoft Mobile is gearing up for another release. An orange model of the

Possible Lumia 530, 730 And 830 Release Scheduled Leaked

The next wave of Windows Phone 8.1 powered Lumia devices is almost upon us, and leaks are suggesting that more such devices are destined for arrival in the very near future. Evleaks has just posted a release

Dual SIM Nokia Lumia 530 Spotted At The FCC

The first Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1 have hit store shelves, namely the Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and the Lumia 930, and now attention is shifting towards other members of this family. And one of the

Vela, Athena And Libra Are The Codenames Of Upcoming Nokia Devices

If as a Windows Phone fan you were expecting much more than just the Lumia 930 and the two models of Lumia 630, well, prepare for some good news. There is some movement on this front. With

Microsoft Enhances Security To Prevent Windows 8.1 Update 2 Leak

It appears that the days of trying out early builds of the Windows operating system before launch are behind us, because according to a new report, Microsoft have made some sweeping internal changes to prevent such leaks.

WZOR Announces Return, Windows Leaker To Become Active Again

Microsoft stirred up the leak scene recently when they managed to arrest Windows leaker Alex Kibkalo, with help from the FBI, of course. The former employee was sent to three months in prison. His arrest and subsequent

Microsoft Is Not All That Troubled By Windows Leaks

Alex Kibkalo is a name that will echo in eternity in the technology world. A former Redmond employee that spent 7 years at the technology firm, he was recently convicted for leaking Microsoft code. The man now

Windows Leaker Sentenced To Three Months In Prison

Crime never pays, never has, never will. Remember Alex Kibkalo, the Microsoft leaker that made headlines a few months back after he was arrested for posting Windows builds online? It seems that a US court has finally

Leaked Roadmap Provides Hints At Nokia’s Windows Phone 8.1 Rollout

Nokia, or rather Microsoft Mobile, is gearing up to roll out the Windows Phone 8.1 update to compatible devices in the summer, and now a leaked image claims to provide a roadmap of this schedule. It is