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Windows 8.1 Build 9374 has leaked

Windows 8.1 build 9374 has leaked unto the web. All over the web, you can find links to the build 9374 of Windows 8.1. We won’t be linking…


ReFS Support Said To Be Included With Windows 8.1

If there is one confirmation we have of Windows 8.1, it’s that Microsoft is all set to bring a number of really interesting changes to…


Video: Windows 8.1 Download Progress Bars For Apps

Another day brings another new Windows 8.1 feature in the spotlight. Thanks to all the early builds that have leaked, technology enthusiasts have been hard…


Leaked Huawei Document Points At New Windows Phone 8 Smartphones

That Chinese telecom giant Huawei plans big things for the Windows Phone platform is known to all. The company has made clear its intentions of…


Samsung Ativ Odyssey Image Leaked

First unveiled at Microsoft’s recent Windows Phone 8 event, the Samsung Ativ Odyssey has remained shrouded in a veil of secrecy ever since (despite the…


Screenshots of a Windows 8 Music Program are Leaked

A few days ago Microsoft revealed some details about its upcoming Windows 8 app store. It will use the same marketing model as Apple 30%…


Windows 8 Milestone 3 version of Windows has leaked – 7989

A new Windows 8 build has leaked. It’s Windows 8 version 7989. The new build is currently being distributed on FTPs and file sharing sites after…


New leaked pictures of Windows 8

New ALLEGED screenshots of Windows 8. Default Pictures folder. Seems like you’re going to be able to add videos to your default photo profile.


*Maybe* Leaked Windows 8 Installer screenshots

Russian leaker Zukona has leaked screenshots of the Windows installer found in early Milestone 1 builds of Windows 8, revealing a few visual changes. GeekSmack has…