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Microsoft Targets IP Address That Activates Pirated Windows

A tried and tested way to get tried and tested results? Microsoft has gone after an IP address that it believes tried to activate pirated copy of Windows and Office. The lawsuit filed claims both copyright and

Microsoft HoloLens Targeted In AR Patent Suite

Head for the hills! Patent tolls running amok! The nascent field of AR is about to become a target of the patent suits planned, and Microsoft HoloLens is one of the first names on the list. Fact

Your Email Belongs To You, Not Us, Says Microsoft

All your base are belong to us? Well, something very similar to the timeless meme. Microsoft continues its legal battle against the US government for email privacy. This time however, the company is saying that all your

The OneDrive Name Is Already In Use, More Legal Trouble For Microsoft?

There is something special about making the same mistake twice. Almost everyone tends to consciously avoid doing so, but it appears Microsoft may soon find itself in a bit of a legal tangle. So the story goes

Judge Sides With Microsoft In Motorola’s $4 Billion Patent Demand

The technology patent war just took a rather interesting turn earlier today when a judge gave the verdict that Motorola’s patents are not worth the $4 billion per year it mandates Microsoft to pay. In fact, the

Microsoft Sued For Misleading Windows 8 Buyers

What is it, Legal News Day? Just around the time that Microsoft updated its Surface product page with disclaimers about the available storage (after being sued by a customer, no less), another customer is taking the Redmond