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First Lenovo Windows Phone Slated For Arrival This Year

Lenovo gleefully joined the Windows Phone party earlier this year as one of the nine new hardware partners that were announced by Microsoft this February…


Lenovo Will Reportedly Launch Its First Windows Phone 8.1 Handset This Summer

Microsoft has a few big things planned for this spring. Prime among them the unveiling (and eventual) release of Windows 8.1 Update 1, Windows Phone…


Lenovo Launches Miix 2 10 Bay Trail Tablet, Entry Level Model Retails For $500

Lenovo has a pretty good thing going for it, with the trendy Miix name. It becomes slightly less impressive when you throw in additional figures…


Lenovo is poised to release a Windows 8 Laptop Tablet hybrid

Lenovo, the world’s second-biggest maker of personal computers, is poised to offer a line of enterprise tablets loaded with Windows 8 sometime in the next…