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Let’s Hear It: Is Microsoft Really Helping Windows XP Users That Want To Upgrade?

So this got me thinking. Slightly over a month remains before Windows XP is officially retired. April 8 is the day when Microsoft stops providing support for the old operating system. In the meantime, the company is

Let’s Hear It: Do You Want Windows To Run Android Apps Natively?

So this happened. New management took over at Microsoft, and one of the first arguments that sprung up is whether to allow the company’s modern operating systems to natively run Android software. The Verge is reporting that

Let’s Hear It: What Was Your First Smartphone?

Big things have small beginnings. And you would have to think really hard to name a bigger thing in computing technology than smartphones. These handy gadgets at actually driving the industry forward, in more ways than one.

Let’s Hear It: Have Tablets Finally Become Replacement Devices?

There is talk in the town, talk of whether to classify tablets as PCs, talk of affording them the same column as computers, of speaking of them in the same breath as notebooks when reporting quarterly sales

Let’s Hear It: Do You Want The Start Menu Back In Windows 8.1 Update 1?

So here’s the deal. The various reliable and not-so-reliable sources have hinted that Windows 8.1 Update 1 is about to bring back one of the most revered features of the Windows platform. Yes, the Start Menu —

Let’s Hear It: How Many People Do You Know That Are Still Running Windows XP?

Today is January 14, 2014 in most parts of this rock we call Earth. And that means that only 83 days are left before Windows XP gets it final Patch Tuesday fix and is retired for all

Let’s Hear It: Are Gates And Ballmer Scaring Away Microsoft CEO Hopefuls?

The pioneer is the fellow with the arrow in his back. Regardless of this fact, it seems that a lot of fans, shareholders, investors, critics, friends and foes all want Microsoft to go in with a new

Let’s Hear It: How Much Should Bill Gates Be Involved With The New CEO?

The big news, ladies and gentle people is that Alan Mulally is out of the race for the post of Microsoft CEO. Yes, his exit, although not unexpected, was as fast as his entry. But if you

Let’s Hear It: What Is Your Favorite Version Of Windows?

There are some that think of technology as a necessary entity, while others are passionate about computing and relish every moment. And consequently the latter type usually have their favorite technology products, including operating systems. As of