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Windows 8.1 App Watch: Red Bull TV

Another app that needs little introduction. The official Red Bull TV app recently arrived on the Windows Store, and it brings with it live and recorded extreme sports, music and lifestyle events. The highlight being crisp HD

Windows 8.1 App Watch: Issuu

We mark the arrival of another new high profile app that has landed on the Windows platform. The official Issuu app is now available for fans of the Modern UI of Microsoft’s modern OS. For those of

Windows 8.1 App Watch: 3D Builder

3D printing promises big things. But since the technology is being refined, it is yet to really take off. Microsoft, however, wants to be ready when it does, and has outlined its ambition to make 3D printing

App Watch: Xquisite

Let’s talk fashion for the ladies! If you are the type that likes to change your look every now and then, then here is a pretty neat app that can help you in your quest to try

App Watch: Midas

Microsoft Research may be developing its very own advanced hair manipulation technology, but in the mean time you can try out some very photorealistic results using this app that recently arrived on the Windows Store. Dubbed Midas,

App Watch: Aston Martin

There is always something special about apps that center on cars and automobiles, official or otherwise. Part company brochure and part fan service, most large makers have developed applications that do a great job showcasing their luxurious

App Watch: Craigslist deLUXE Pro

One look at the exotically named, Craigslist deLUXE Pro, and it becomes plain evident that this is one of those apps where the developers know exactly what they are doing. Not only is it beautifully designs, it