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Windows Server 2019

Microsoft Announces Windows Server 2019

So, we are getting a 2019 version, then! Microsoft has officially unveiled Windows Server 2019, alongside making the first preview of this server variant of…


Munich Ditches Linux, Moves Back To Windows

German city Munich has apparently had enough of Linux, as it has decided to move away from the open source operating system after 14 years,…


Windows 10 Records Major Drop, As Linux Gains Big

A new month, and a new batch of statistics. The big news in September is that despite Microsoft’s sustained push, Windows 10 actually recoded its…


Microsoft Releases .NET Core 2.0, Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.3

On what is sure to be a glorious day for programmers, Microsoft has officially released .NET Core 2.0, as well as Visual Studio 2017 version…


Linux On Windows 10 No Longer In Beta

Microsoft hearts Linux! Those of you that love to run Linux on Windows 10, via the included Windows Subsystem for Linux technology in the operating…


Chinese City Switches From Windows To NeoKylin

You learn a new thing every day! Apparently NeoKylin is the name of a Linux distribution, one that an entire Chinese city has moved to…

Windows Server Linux

Windows End Of Support Pushing Users Towards Linux

Microsoft is ready to pull the plug on another version of Windows. This time around, Windows Server 2003 is heading for retirement, with the date…

China Linux Switch Begins

China To Switch 15% Of Government PCs To Linux Every Year

China is very much at war with Redmond. It may be a one sided affair, but the government of the country has been very aggressive…

Microsoft Loves Linux

Microsoft Loves Linux, Says Satya Nadella

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is an interesting character. All his public appearances are remarkably well conducted, almost all of them. And noteworthy comments are…

EviGroup SmartPad 2

EviGroup SmartPad 2, A Tablet Without A Preinstalled OS

Surprises are very much a given in the tablet sphere these days. Take the EviGroup SmartPad 2 tablet for example. It comes in two models,…