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Satya Nadella Now The Highest Paid CEO In United States

Satya Nadella replaced Steve Ballmer in February 2014, and since then he has tried to push the company towards a slightly different approach, one with more openness towards rival platforms. His fresh strategy certainly brings him a

Microsoft Listed As The World’s Second Most Valuable Brand

Ranking are rankings, right? Lists like this are mostly about perception. Still, Microsoft, thanks to its recent investments and enhanced focus on cloud and hardware, has found a place at the top. It has been listed as

Microsoft Listed As The Fifth Most Valuable Brand In The World

Some things change very slowly. Microsoft has enjoyed a spot among the world brand leaders, but in the latest list, the technology titan is ranked on the fifth spot. Apple, Google, Coca Cola and IBM all positioned

20 Amazing New Features In Windows Phone 8.1

The winds of change are finally here. Some may even go as far to call them windows of change. Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system got rather stale these past few months, no doubt about it. But the

Microsoft Listed As The Fourth Most Valuable Brand In The World

The newest BrandZ list comes with a few sweet surprises. First up is the news that Google has finally managed to overtake Apple as the most valuable brand in the world. Apple dropped one spot from last

Fortune Places Microsoft 86th In The Best Companies To Work For In The World List

Reorganizations, particularly for companies as big as Microsoft, usually are a case of do or die. Otherwise, what’s the point? Redmond is currently in the process of such a change in direction. This, along with its quest