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Microsoft HoloLens Targeted In AR Patent Suite

Head for the hills! Patent tolls running amok! The nascent field of AR is about to become a target of the patent suits planned, and Microsoft HoloLens is one of the first names on the list. Fact

Microsoft Is Not All That Troubled By Windows Leaks

Alex Kibkalo is a name that will echo in eternity in the technology world. A former Redmond employee that spent 7 years at the technology firm, he was recently convicted for leaking Microsoft code. The man now

Intel To Pay AMD $1.4 Billion For Shady Sales Tactics

Big fines are not a rare occurrence in the world of computing technology, and neither are questionable sales tactics. Microsoft tangled in this web in the 90s, and Intel, more recently. AMD leveled some accusations against the

Microsoft Wins Patent Suit Against Motorola

There is fine line between protecting your patents and bullying other companies, a line that many different companies in the mobile world have been flirting with. Apple recently won a patent against HTC regarding the ability to

Jurors Deadlocked In $1 Billion Microsoft Antitrust Lawsuit

Today, Friday, a Federal Jury has failed to reach a verdict in a Utah company’s $1 billion antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft Corp. Novell Inc. sued the software giant in 2004, claiming Microsoft duped it into developing the

Windows 8 Secure Boot May Cause Antitrust Issues for Microsoft

As you probably already know, Microsoft is implementing a new feature in Windows 8 called Secure Boot that prevents any kind of software that doesn’t have a security key to load when the computer is booting. This