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The IRS Files A Legal Complaint Against Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO has been out of the spotlight, at least as far as the technology world is concerned, but he has just made the news as the Internal Revenue Service has gone after

Microsoft Wins Novell’s Windows 95 Lawsuit After US Supreme Court Rejection

Here is a little blast from the past. Microsoft have finally won the Windows 95 lawsuit against Novell, for good this time. The company secured legal victories in this matter before, but this time the lawsuit has

Microsoft Finally Wins Novell Windows 95 Lawsuit

Boy, what a blast from the past! Remember Novell Inc., the famed software company? Well the story goes that the firm sued Microsoft one balmy morning in 2004, claiming that Redmond infringed on competition rules during the

Microsoft Sued Over Unauthorized Font Usage In Windows And Office

If you have been clamoring for some legal news, fret not. This is a bit of a regular occurrence in the world of Microsoft. This time, instead of settling a patent or something, Redmond finds itself dealing

Microsoft is being forced to change the name for cloud service “SkyDrive”

In what must be seen as a humiliating blow, Microsoft is being forced to change the name for cloud service “SkyDrive”. This is being done in response to litigation from British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB) over their trademark. Microsoft

European Court Rules Against Microsoft In SkyDrive Trademark Dispute

Boy, Redmond sure has had it tough when it comes to trademarks these past couple of years. First it was the legal dispute over the Metro UI in Windows 8 with the German retail group Metro AG,

Microsoft Sued For Unauthorized Use Of Excel Patents

Another day at the court for Microsoft, it appears. The software titan has just been sued once again, this time for allegedly using some Excel patents without proper authorization. The battles over patents (particularly software patents) have

VirnetX Sues Microsoft Over Skype Patents

Patents are a necessary evil. There are some that maintain that patents stifle innovation, while others believe that are indispensable for the technology industry. Regardless of which side they are on, most technology enthusiasts will agree that

EU fines Microsoft $732 million for browser ballot violation

Today, the European Union has decided to fine the company €561 million (around $732 million) for breaking a 2009 antitrust agreement. Back then, Microsoft agreed to include a browser ballot box in every new copy of Windows,

The EU Decides Not to Go After Windows RT for its Browser Restrictions

Yesterday we reported about how the European Union was gearing up to go after Microsoft for not implementing the “browser choice screen” in Windows 7. While Microsoft had complied to the policy with Windows XP and VISTA,