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Spotify App Finally Gets A Live Tile On Windows 10

One of the signature features of the Windows platform has finally come to the official Spotify app for Windows 10. Live Tiles are now available for the application, in various sizes. Spotify has taken centerstage lately, after

How To Create Start Menu Folders In Windows 10

What is old is new again. Microsoft finally bought the functionality that was available in its mobile OS to the Windows 10 on computers, that being the ability to create Start menu folders. These are basic folders

Microsoft Wins The Windows 8 Live Tiles Lawsuit

Remember the Windows 8 Live Tiles lawsuit? Sure you don’t. This fluffy little piece of litigation has been an ongoing process ever since the debut of the software titan’s modern operating system. A company by the name

Windows Phone 8.1 To Feature Large Live Tiles, Swype Keyboard

Fans of the Windows Phone mobile operating system can finally rejoice. Microsoft seems to be readying a whole bunch of different features, some small, and others large — literally, that is. We already got our first detailed

Windows 8.1 Will Only Support Two Live Tile Sizes For Desktop Apps

The addition of new Live Tile sizes is one make over in Windows 8.1 that grabbed the attention of technology enthusiasts early on. It actually was one of the first reported visuals changes in the upcoming operating

Windows Blue Start Screen Will Support Up To 9 Live Tile Rows

It goes without saying that the Start Screen of Windows Blue will perhaps the widest array of customization options, as Microsoft seems focused on refining this aspect of its upcoming operating system. And one thing the software

Apple Said To Be Going For A Flat Look For iOS 7, Similar To Windows Phone

Now this is something that may very well unsettle a lot of iOS users. Insider sources have tested the upcoming iOS 7 claim that some radical changes are in order for Apple’s mobile operating system. The interface

Tami Reller: People Are Quickly Learning Windows 8

Tami Reller had a busy day yesterday, even by her standards. The Windows boss was interviewed by a number of media outlets, where she talked about both Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface tablets. Continuing her interview circuit,

Court Date Set For Windows 8 Live Tiles Case

The live tiles that make up the Windows 8 Start Screen are one of the best (and more important) features of Microsoft’s new operating system. Most people love them, some don’t, but you’ll have to look really

SurfCast’s Lawsuit Against MIcrosoft’s Live Tiles Set for September 3rd of 2013

You might remember hearing back in November about Microsoft being sued over live tiles by a company called Surfcast. According to Surfcast they have a patent on this type of interface and wants Microsoft to pay them