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How To Turn Off Location Service In Windows 10

Location service is one of the best features in Windows 10, at least for those who spend their life on the move. But it’s not for everyone, particularly those that are conscious of their privacy. If you’re

How To Change Your Country Or Region In Windows 10

The country or region you set in Windows 10 defines the overall experience you get in the operating system, as Windows and other apps provide you with additional and customized content for a particular location. Most services

Microsoft Has No Plans To Have Azure Data Centers In Every Country

Of course, every country here is just used as rhetoric, but those of you who were expecting Microsoft to aggressively expand Windows Azure physically to all corners of the globe can rest assured it is not on.

Microsoft Confirms Locations For Five New Stores Set To Open By Summer

Redmond has quietly been building up its retail presence for a fair while now, and this trend continues at a good pace. The company has just confirmed the location of five new retail stores that are opening

Windows Video – using sensors and location in your Windows 8 applications

Yet another Microsoft video. Windows 8 provides many powerful ways to sense information about the user’s environment. Using this information, you can build an application that will adapt to their environment easily and seamlessly. This video will teach

Set alternate location for Windows 8 installation files

This would be awesome.. The image below comes courtesy of Twitter user @AngelWZR. It shows the new settings for “Specify settings for optional component installation and repair of operating system corruption”. This allows users to set an