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Windows Phone 8.1 Lock Screen App Is In Testing, Launch Soon

Users of the newest version of Microsoft’s mobile operating system have been waiting for the lock screen theming application, and we now have confirmation that it will be available very soon. Not for everyone, though, it appears.

Lockscreen Background Bug Confirmed By Microsoft In Windows 8.1 Preview

The bug reports for Windows 8.1 Preview keep flying in, and Microsoft keeps acknowledging them to fix them before the operating system hits the RTM status in August. The latest the software titan has confirmed is a

Leaked Screenshot Shows Windows 8.1 Will Include Alarm Apps

The absolute best thing about the development of Windows 8.1 is the constant stream of screenshots that pop up all over the web. Leaked builds are another thing, but screenshots propose a novel curiosity. And this holds

Windows 8 Tip: Changing the Lock screen background

With Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a newway of changing the lock screen background. Earlier versions of Windows did not have this feature. Changing the Windows 8 lock screen background is a fairly easy and simple procedure. The

Windows 8 use desktop wallpaper as lockscreen

More unlocked features in Windows 8 build 7955. Apparently by making a little tweak to the user theme file, you can  configure Windows 8 to use your wallpaper as the startup home screen. The tweak is the

New Windows 8 Lock Screen

This new beautifully bizarre screen seems to be the new Windows 8 Lock Screen. It looks like the Windows Phone 7 lock screen. It seems weird to me but…