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New Windows Blue Screenshot Reveals Fingerprint Login

The recent rumor that Microsoft is about to introduce fingerprint support in Windows 8.1 has excited fans of the platform, even if the software titan has remained completely tight-lipped on the matter. But eagle eyed technology enthusiasts

Skype Goes Down For Microsoft Account Users

Microsoft’s VoIP platform has seen remarkable growth over the past few years, but the company’s decision to retire the Windows Live Messenger service and migrate users over to Skype has led to the platform getting even more

Quick Tip – Logging in straight to the Desktop in Windows 8

Byron commented on my article “Windows 8 Tip – Getting the Start Menu back without an addon” that he uses a program “Skip Metro” to log directly into desktop. Well I wanted to see if were any

Windows 8 offering Android style password authentication?

If you’ve ever had an Android phone, you are probably familiar with their unique password entry option. Instead of using a conventional password system, the Android login mechanism requires the user to draw a figure through a