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Mystery Surface Device Coming Next Month?

Any bets? It appears that Microsoft still has a few surprises left for the year, as the company is said to be ready to unveil a new Surface device at an event next month. Word is that

Microsoft Puts Up A Fully Working 383-Inch Surface Tablet In London

While the world is still speculating when (or if) Microsoft will release a Surface Mini, the company has, in the meantime, put up a Surface Giant in London, England. This is, obviously, part of the advertising campaign

Nokia To Hold A Press Event In London On May 14

Rumors have been running amok on what Nokia is cooking up next for its Lumia lineup. The Finnish giant now seems prepared to answer this question in a couple of weeks’ time at an event in London.

Video: Skype’s New London Office

Microsoft has recently expanded its Skype division with a brand new office for its Skype team in London. And the company is taking the opportunity to show every one why it is constantly ranks as one of