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Microsoft Loses 12 Cents On Every Windows Phone Sold

No one ever said that the mobile market was an easy fish to fry. Microsoft is learning this first hand, as both Google and Apple continue to make steady progress in this highly competitive arena. Sure, it

Xbox One Results In A $400 Million Loss For Microsoft

With figures like these it easy to see why there are voices that say that Microsoft should sell or spin off the Bing and Xbox divisions. Both businesses continue to lose money. Big money. The company’s newest

Acer Posts Financial Results For Q2 2013, Lost Over $11 Million

Acer is currently one of the largest hardware vendors, but the company has been posting mixed financial results for the past few quarters. The company has not progress on the financial front, and again lost money in

Logitech Scales Back After $180 Million Loss, Will Focus On PC And Tablets

The year 2012 has been tough for a lot of hardware vendors, and the last quarter in particular has been stingy for a lot of companies. It also brought some ungenerous results for Logitech, and the peripheral

Microsoft Could Report First Quarterly Loss In 20 Years

Microsoft could find its money making machine come to a half (even if for just a few months) if reports are to be believed. The company could soon report a quarterly loss – it’s first in 20

Microsoft Reports mixed results for 1st Quarter 2013

Yesterday Microsoft released its fiscal 2013 first quarter earnings. For those that don’t know, Microsoft has its financial calendar start mid-year so don’t get too confused, it is still 2012- no time warp here. The news wasn’t