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LTE Surface Pro Preorders Open

Although we still don’t have an iota of confirmation from Redmond on this, a UK retailer has gone ahead and opened preorders for the LTE Surface Pro, a new variant of the tablet that looks set for

Surface 2 With LTE Launched, Available In The United States

The rumors were all true! Not only the gossips that Microsoft was developing an LTE enabled version of its Surface 2 tablet, but the price tag that was recently reported in the media has also held true.

Microsoft Store Locations Are Reportedly Receiving Surface 2 With LTE Tablets

Well played, Microsoft. The company has had to go through a number of supply issues with the original Surface RT and Surface Pro launches, but it sounds like they have learnt the trick now. There is word

Microsoft Will Partner With AT&T And Vodafone For LTE Surface

Redmond made official its second generation Surface and Surface Pro tablets towards the end of last month, but no LTE enabled models were unveiled at that time. Nevertheless, the company was quick to confirm that it is

LTE Support Coming To Surface 2 In 2014, Confirms Microsoft

One thing you may have missed during the second generation Surface launch event yesterday would be the support for 3G/LTE connectivity for the impressive Microsoft slates. This was always on the cards — NVIDIA, for some odd

LG Tab-Book Coming to South Korea with LTE in Tow

While LG continues to rise up the ladder of worth in the smartphone world, they haven’t had the same kind of luck when it comes to computers or tablets just yet. It seems they won’t let that