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They Say That The iPhone 8 Will Copy A Windows Phone Feature

Any guesses which one? Some new hints have been discovered in the HomePod firmware, which reveal that the upcoming iPhone 8 is drawing inspiration from a number of features. On competing mobile platforms, that is to say.

Now This Is A Lumia 1530 Concept Done Truly Right

Microsoft has left a lot of fans hanging when it comes to flagship smartphones, and until we hear news of those, this Lumia 1530 concept should tide you by. Or probably not. Regardless, it’s a nicely conceived

Year Old Lumia 1520 Smokes The iPhone 6, And How!

Not many people expected Apple to take the foot of the pedal in this fashion for the A8 processor, but according to preliminary benchmarks the iPhone 6 doesn’t exactly leaps in performance. At least in the graphics

HTC One M8 Now The Fastest Windows Phone In The World

As expected. Although it does not come with revolutionary new hardware, the HTC One M8 has now become the fastest Windows Phone in the world. Overtaking the previous champion, the Nokia Lumia 1520 in the process. The

AT&T Silently Removes The 32GB Lumia 1520 From Website

An indication that a successor to the large handset is coming soon? A Lumia 1525, perhaps? You can bet the farmhouse on the fact that a new Windows Phone phablet is just around the corner. Only a

Samsung Galaxy S5 Is Outperformed By The Nokia Lumia 1520 In Games

Call Samsung up and tell them the Galaxy S5 has been trumped! The South Korean technology giant revealed its newest Android flagship last month, in the form of the Galaxy S5. And it turns out it is

Nokia Reportedly Preparing The Lumia 1520v, A Mini Version Of Its Phablet

What do you call a mini phablet? Wait, don’t answer that! Nokia it seems is preparing something special for those of you that did not sign up for the large screen Lumia 1520 because of its ridiculous

Shipments Of The Nokia Lumia 1520 In The US Delayed, Now Set For December 2

Enough with the delays already! Nokia Lumia 1520, the Finnish company’s first ever phablet holds an unflattering distinction of being delayed multiple times, once even before it was made official. You can blame it on supply, logistics

Nokia Hypes Up The Lumia 1520 Screen, Claims It As The Absolute Best

Microsoft, and many would say, Nokia are not companies that are overly eager to go in on a specifications race. Instead both emphasize on features, design and the overall experience. But with Update 3 for Windows Phone

Nokia Lumia 1520 US Launch Pushed Back, Will Launch Alongside The Lumia 2520

Initially said to be ready for launch on November 15 in the United States, the Nokia phablet looks like it has been delayed for reasons unknown. The device will go live one week later than initially expected.