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Microsoft Now Selling The Lumia 520 For Just $29

Care for a clear out sale? Microsoft is now offering the Lumia 520 for just $29. Yes, this is the same handset that took the Windows Phone market by storm upon release a couple of years back.

Windows Phone 8.1 Market Share Now Up To 57.9%

Nothing like some fresh statistics to close the year, and we have some new ones that detail the Windows Phone 8.1 market share. Short version is that things are coming along pretty well. The long version is

Are You Ready For The Ultra Affordable Lumia 435?

Microsoft seems just about ready to give the affordable market another shot with a new budget handset in the form of the Lumia 435, the first details of which are now out in the open. Apparently, the

Nokia Lumia 520 Saves A Police Officer From Taking A Bullet

Now, that’s what I call dodging a bullet! We just might have figured out the real reason why the Nokia Lumia 520 are so successful. These little buggers are rock solid and can even take a bullet.

Lumia 520 And 521 Now Account For Over Half Of The US Windows Phone Market

Will you look at that! It is not every day you see market numbers skew to this degree in favor of one device, or in this case two variants of one smartphone. But here you are. According

Windows Phone Continues Its Ascent Thanks To Affordable Handsets

Not many may recall it, but both Microsoft and Nokia made the low-end segment of the market their priority earlier this year. The two companies pegged the market for affordable smartphones as the key for future growth.

Nokia Makes The Lumia 525 Official, Comes With 1GB RAM

In what is a somewhat unceremonious unveiling, Nokia has just made its newest Windows Phone 8 powered handset official. The affordable Lumia 525 has been in the news these past month or two, from leaked press renders

Microsoft Reportedly Preparing A Surface 2 And Nokia Lumia 520 Bundle

Boy, it surely is a good time to be a Microsoft fan! The company already has a few sweet handsets powered by Windows Phone 8 out in the wild, and they are set to be joined by

Nokia Preparing Glee, A Successor To The Lumia 520

Unless you have just returned from a trip to outer space, you probably already know that the insanely popular Lumia 520 is tearing up the sales charts around the globe. Both Nokia and Microsoft are said to

Nokia Lumia 520 Now Available Prepaid At AT&T

The affordably popular Nokia Lumia 520 has been tearing up the sales charts all over the world, and earlier this week, wireless carrier AT&T also officially announced the availability of the budget smartphone on its GoPhone lineup.