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Lumia 730, 735 Specs And Pricing Revealed

Microsoft have officially announced two midrange smartphones, the Lumia 730 and the Lumia 735 at this year’s IFA in Berlin, and these are positioned at as stylish selfie phones. The dual SIM Lumia 730 and Lumia 735

Leaked Images Show The Lumia 730 With The Lumia 735

The Lumia 730 is one of the two handsets that are on track for unveil in the next couple of weeks, but now leaked images reveal that the smartphone will arrive as two models. Internally codenamed Superman,

IFA 2014 Starts Next Week, What To Expect From The Event?

Interesting times we live in. IFA 2014, the last major technology gathering of the year is about to kick off in Germany, and the event will be held from September 5 to 10. Interesting times because mobile

Nokia Is Calling Its Next Windows Phone Firmware Debian Red, Why?

Sure, naming something is not the easiest job in the world, but totally spectacular names are still few and far. The minimum one can aim for is to not give something a confusing name. But it seems

Nokia Lumia 730 Launch Set For Late August, For $240

A truly midrange handset is coming up next. The rightful successor to the popular Lumia 720 has been spotted around the world, suggesting that a launch is just around the corner. There is word that Microsoft is

Possible Lumia 530, 730 And 830 Release Scheduled Leaked

The next wave of Windows Phone 8.1 powered Lumia devices is almost upon us, and leaks are suggesting that more such devices are destined for arrival in the very near future. Evleaks has just posted a release