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Leading UK Estate Agent Adopts Lumia 820 For Business Use

Nokia is never far from boasting how much its Lumia line of smartphones is suited for business use. And while the various handsets in the Lumia series have found success in the end-user segment, the list of

Nokia Begins Global Deployment Of Windows Phone 8 Portico

The Finnish telecom giant begins the global deployment of the Portico update to the Windows Phone 8 platform starting today. Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 smartphones are slated to get the firmware update. The company announced today

Nokia’s Latest Jump in Lumia Sales Uplifts Windows Phone 8

After two years of teetering on the brink, Nokia has finally experienced a sharp upswing in sales of its smartphones. On Thursday, Stephen A. Elop, Nokia’s new chief executive, delivered the great news that Nokia finally made

Despite Battery Complaints, the Nokia Lumia 920 is Selling Well

It’s been said more than once that Nokia really needs its Windows Phone 8 efforts to turn into a win. While they have had some battery and rebooting problems, the Nokia Lumia 920 has sold rather well

Samsung ATIV Odyssey coming to Verizon later this Year, New Picture Leak

When it comes to Verizon’s Windows Phone 8 lineup, we originally heard that there would be three devices to start: the Lumia 822, HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV Odyssey. Unfortunately, when it actually came to the launch,

Nokia Lumia 920 just $49.99 at Walmart, Lumia 820 free

Did you think that $99 from AT&T was a great deal for the Nokia Lumia 920? Apparently, they are selling it even cheaper through Walmart. How cheap? Just $49.99 for a Nokia Lumia 920 with a two-year

BUILD 2012 Video – Summary Nokia Lumia, Samsung ATIV S, HTC 8x

I take a rough look at the Samsung ATIV S Phone, Nokia Lumia 820 and 920 and the HTC 8x. This is from the BUILD 2012 conference:

BUILD 2012 Video – Nokia employee does a Lumia 820 and accessories demo

More BUILD 2012 video. I came across a very nice Nokia employee who did a brief demo of the Lumia 820, the Fatboy pillow, cases and more. Enjoy!

Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 Leaked Photos Surface

AT&T has the gorgeous and exciting Nokia Lumia 920. We already have heard about the Lumia 810 for T-Mobile. Where does that leave Verizon? We do know that Samsung will be releasing devices that run on Windows

How to guarantee the Nokia Lumia 920 fails – tie it to AT&T

If you have a cell phone that you want to sell in the United States, here’s a great idea – Make it exclusive to a carrier that has one of the WORST reputations for coverage in the country.