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Lumia 830

Lumia 830 Cheaper Model

Microsoft Said To Be Working On A Cheaper Lumia 830

How do you make an affordable flagship even cheaper? Microsoft seems to know the trick. Lumia 830 is a fine piece of hardware from Redmond,…

Lumia 930 Lumia 830 Gold Editions

Microsoft Launches Lumia 930 And Lumia 830 Gold Editions

There’s a bit of a gold rush going on, you may have noticed. And the gold plated Lumia 930 and Lumia 830 are proof of…

Lumia 830 Camera Improvements

Lumia Denim Phones Getting New Camera Updates

Regular camera updates are a bit of a forte of Lumia phones, considering just how much of an emphasis Microsoft (and before them Nokia) put…

Video Cortana vs Siri Bigger

Cortana Siri Duel Continues, This Time On The iPhone 6 Plus

Microsoft has released a new Cortana Siri commercial, and this time the theater is two new handsets that offer these digital voice assistants. And the…


Microsoft Is Preparing A New Dual SIM Lumia Phone

The Lumia landscape has become a bit lifeless now, with a number of new devices having launched this summer. But the Holiday shopping season is…


Lumia 830 Now Official, Affordable Flagship

Affordable is where all the fun is at these days. Midrange is where it’s happening, and deluxe features are being introduced. Lumia 830 being the…


Leaked Nokia Lumia 830 Photos Confirm Hardware

Hard to label this as a leak, so close to the official unveil tomorrow, but the newest leaked Nokia Lumia 830 photos confirm hardware specifications…


Lumia 830 Sports A 10 Megapixel PureView Camera

The PureView technology is going midrange. About time. Microsoft is gearing up to announce two new additions to the Lumia family, the Lumia 730 and…


IFA 2014 Starts Next Week, What To Expect From The Event?

Interesting times we live in. IFA 2014, the last major technology gathering of the year is about to kick off in Germany, and the event…


Leaked Nokia Lumia 830 Render Compares It To Lumia 930

Since press renders that leak out are not always drawn to scale, they are best taken at face value. This new Nokia Lumia 830 render,…