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OK, so enough is enough, let’s talk Nokia Lumia US sales

OK so enough is enough. I have been waiting to hear exactly how many Nokia Lumia phones were sold in the United States of America since the rollout. I have heard lots of positive noise about how well

Windows Phone finds new allies in Verizon and ATT

AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless are cozying up to Microsoft Corp. and Nokia facing concerns that Apple Inc. and Google Inc. have too tight a grip on the market for smartphone software. Both carriers praised Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating

No upgrade to Windows Phone 8 – So why exactly would I buy a Nokia Lumia phone again?

You can actually get grey hair prematurely when you try and cover Microsoft strategy. It’s a roller coaster of ups and down (like the Mitt Romney campaign) and every time you think there’s good news, they provide

How A Lack Of An Upgrade Path Could Hurt Windows Phone.. And Even Possibly Windows 8

As Onuora talked about just a few days earlier, it seems that Windows Phone 8 is not going to have an upgrade path for current Windows Phone 7 users. I’m not going to rehash this too much

Interview with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop on the verge

A new interview on the Verge today by Vlad Savov at MWC. The CEO discusses Nokia’s strategic alliance with Microsoft, The Lumia phones, Microsoft advertising and more. The video is below…

Nokia, Microsoft, And The Lumia 910

Recently Windows 8 Update covered a blog post about how Nokia is being paid $250 million to support Windows Phone. Personally, I think this is kind of sad that the only way that Microsoft can truly get